SCAD Survivor stories

One of the most powerful ways that to spread the word about SCAD Heart Attacks and support survivors is by sharing our stories. SCAD affects healthy, active adults who often have no risk factors for heart disease, we thank all of these men and women for sharing their SCAD Heart Attack experience.


Kate’s Story

Kate's Story “In January 2009 I was 26 weeks pregnant with my second child. We had just left my mother in law's house and heading to look at buying a new car, we


Sue’s Story

Sue's Story: An Unforgettable Mother’s Day “No, - not you of all people! “, was the general response from my family and friends, when they were told that I had just had a


Jenny’s Story

Jenny's Story "Here is a photo of me (on right) the day before I had the SCAD. 65 and very healthy (or so I thought). I had been swimming and walking most days


Liza’s Story (Nsw)

Liza's Story Meet Liza:  At age 42 Liza collapsed and had a heart attack at an open house inspection with her husband. Paramedics performed CPR for 32 minutes, saving Liza's life. A mum of two, Liza is fit and active &


Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story In Feb 2014 I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Holly.  Throughout my life I have maintained a healthy and fit lifestyle with a keen interest in health and fitness.  I


Sheree’s Story

Sheree's Story Our Lives Changed in an instant! Grab every experience and enjoy the adventure. On Wednesday 17 April, 2019 our lives changed in an instant and everyday since has been a challenge and a


Kylie’s Story

Kylie's Story On 2nd September 2018 my life changed forever. I was home with my two teenagers looking forward to a quiet weekend and my husband and parents were away working. I woke


Kate’s Story

Kate’s Story "It began with a headache which I'd had all week. During this week my daughter had her 16th birthday party, then preparations for her formal and my husband was away. I


Alex’s Story

Alex's Story “I am a 36 year old male. I work in medical research and as a mental-health professional. Health wise, I am overweight, but otherwise quite healthy. I exercise regularly, and my