SCAD Survivor stories

One of the most powerful ways that to spread the word about SCAD Heart Attacks and support survivors is by sharing our stories. SCAD affects healthy, active adults who often have no risk factors for heart disease, we thank all of these men and women for sharing their SCAD Heart Attack experience.


Mel’s Heart Attack

Mel was 39 & healthy when she had a SCAD Heart Attack "I didn’t think for a minute it was the first stages of a heart attack, then 2 days later I was having a shower getting ready for work when I felt this pain in the middle of my back,  I knew something was wrong"


Kate’s Story

Kate’s Story "It began with a headache which I'd had all week. During this week my daughter had her 16th birthday party, then preparations for her formal and my husband was away. I


Sue’s Story (NSW)

"Oct 2019 (51 year old female) and I'm training for a half ironman as part of a relay. I'm going to swim 1.9km and ride 90km. Training is going well, saying to my friends that I'm feeling like I have a balanced training program, not fatigued in the least...


Shelley’s Story (Central Coast NSW)

I didn't have a clue I was having a heart attack!!! On the 6th October 2019 I was doing a HIIT workout and as I lifted the weight above my head I felt like I had a stitch in my heart, I felt sick and light headed but after a few moments it passed. So I just thought it had something to do with drinking a coffee prior to exercise as I don't normally do this.


Angie’s Story (Melbourne)

"I was a fit and healthy 48 year old; with a 15 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. Working as an Accountant I’d recently started a new job where I’d encountered issues which were causing me severe emotional stress... I had no idea I was a candidate for Heart Attack"


Emily’s Story (NSW)

On Wednesday 26 August 2020 I suffered 2 x heart attacks from SCAD. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. It was life changing. I picked up my son from school and chatted to friends. Once home I was working at my desk and I got a very intense heaviness in the middle of my chest...


Emily’s Story (Perth)

I am a fit, healthy 33 year old and never in a million years thought I was having a heart attack! So grateful for our amazing health care system and that I’m still here to live life to its fullest and watch my beautiful Elsie grow up.


Sue’s Story

Sue's Story: An Unforgettable Mother’s Day “No, - not you of all people! “, was the general response from my family and friends, when they were told that I had just had a


Liza’s Story (Nsw)

Liza's Story Meet Liza:  At age 42 Liza collapsed and had a heart attack at an open house inspection with her husband. Paramedics performed CPR for 32 minutes, saving Liza's life. A mum of two, Liza is fit and active &