Mel’s Story

Mel’s Heart Attack Story: “I’m Mel, 30y.o. mother of 3. I’m currently 6w post SCAD which occurred exactly 1 week post delivery of my baby girl.
We were returning in the car from a visit to my mother in laws house, 20mins away. My husband was driving, I turned to talk to the girls. As I turned back to the front I felt a pinching pain across my right ribs as though I’d pulled a muscle. I began to try stretching it and within that same minute I was arrested by a heavy crushing feeling in my chest, racing heart that felt like it was going to explode out my chest and radiating back pain. Not to mention my left arm was incredibly heavy and numb, my right arm was the same but only to my elbow.

I was explaining my feelings to my husband in fear I’d pass out. I realized pretty quickly that something serious was happening and said let’s go straight to the hospital.

We arrived at ED, they collected me in a wheelchair (3 children under 4yo in car). My husband and kids settled me into my bed then they went to my aunt’s. The newborn stayed with me as I’m breastfeeding her. On the Tuesday in had angiogram which confirmed SCAD of 2 arteries. 1 was worse than the other which resulted in a stent whilst the other will heal on its own. Tests filling were clear which enabled me to go home Wednesday for my daughter’s 4th Birthday.”