Sue’s Story (NSW)


"Oct 2019 (51 year old female) and I'm training for a half ironman as part of a relay. I'm going to swim 1.9km and ride 90km. Training is going well, saying to my friends that I'm feeling like I have a balanced training program, not fatigued in the least...

Emily’s Story (NSW)


On Wednesday 26 August 2020 I suffered 2 x heart attacks from SCAD. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. It was life changing. I picked up my son from school and chatted to friends. Once home I was working at my desk and I got a very intense heaviness in the middle of my chest...

Jessica’s Story (Qld)


"I never thought this would happen to me. I assumed I had no risk of a heart attack as I had just turned 40, had low blood pressure, no cholesterol issues, a healthy diet, exercise routine and two young kids to keep me active!  In retrospect - 6 weeks prior, I presented to a hospital