“On the 5th August 2020 our gorgeous daughter Elsie was born. A few days later we went home and started to settle into our new life as a family of 3.
On the 19th August I awoke around 11pm with a sharp intense pain under my left breast in between my ribs. Initially I thought it was referred pain as I had been to the physio earlier that day for back pain. However the pain intensified to the point I had tears rolling down my face and worsened when taking a deep breath making me catch my breath. Being a sleep deprived new Mumma I couldn’t make a decision on what to do so rang HealthDirect who transferred me to the ambulance service.
Luckily the lovely ambulance team arrived quickly, gave me some much needed pain relief, plus aspirin and GTN spray and noted some changes on my ECG. I was taken to Royal Perth and greeted in resus by the Cardiology team. I was taken almost immediately for a a CT scan and then had an angiogram.
At 4am I was admitted to Coronary Care Unit where the Cardiologist explained to my husband and I that I had had a heart attack caused by a SCAD in my LAD. To say we felt overwhelmed and were in shock at the news was an understatement! I stayed in hospital for 3 days on various medications to treat the clot and manage my elevated blood pressure and heart rate.
I am a fit, healthy 33 year old and never in a million years thought I was having a heart attack! So grateful for our amazing health care system and that I’m still here to live life to its fullest and watch my beautiful Elsie grow up.”