” My SCAD day 26th June 2020 started as just a normal day. Hubby and I had just finished our 14 day self ISO after moving back to SA from Queensland. It was a Friday morning, our 3rd day of freedom and he was on his way out at 8.47am and I was going to clean out the fireplace and put some washing on. As I loaded the items into the machine, I felt a cramping sensation in my chest and thought that I had pulled a muscle. Within seconds the back pain started in the upper back and things just escalated from there.
I sat down trying to stretch out the back pain and cramping and then the shortness of breath started.  Because I couldn’t breathe properly, I started vomiting and sweating really bad and a slight pain was presenting in my left arm. I was walking around,  sitting,  squatting, stretching and laying down but nothing was working. Called hubby and asked him to come home.  By now I was power chucking into whatever I could get my hands on and knew something was wrong.  I went for a quickie shower, cos I wasn’t going anywhere without being clean 🙂
Rang for a Ambulance at 9am and waited for them to arrive, still having all this going on. I was taken to my local hospital where there diagnosed a heart attack.
Yeah wow ok, the shock and confusion we couldn’t believe or understand what was happening as I am only 41, fit & healthy so this didn’t make sense.  I was then transferred to the RAH in Adelaide by the Medstar Helicopter and underwent an angiogram that diagnosed the Scad/Stemi that went on for 8 hrs, yep thats right  it was constant for the first couples of hours and intermittently for the remaining time. So spent 5 days in hospital and was discharged on the Tuesday as I was recovering well. Once home it was just alot of naps, Netflix, Stan & Binge. But you know what, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without my husband and his unconditional love, support, caregiving and everything else thats he gives to me and means to me, that man is my rock and my life.
So here I am 7 weeks later and doing really well…. slowly.
I am undertaking cardiac rehabilitation, working on my inner self, managing my mental health and getting out and about with one of my closest friends.”