Project Description

My SCAD journey started back in March 11th, 2018 on a very sunny day on the golf course. Three weeks before my 72nd birthday! I was playing 18 holes with my husband and two friends when on the 11th hole I just collapsed and fell forward on my face. I use an electric buggy and this continued on the fairway. Rob was alerted as to what had happened as his ball was in the trees and he dashed after my buggy and then dashed back to see what was happening with me. I had immediately gone into Cardiac Arrest. Fortunately for me, I guess, a younger female Jo, had just left the clubhouse and was driving out when she saw a small gathering on the 11th fairway, for some reason she straight away grabbed her phone and ran across to see what was happening. This probably all happened in the space of two to three minutes. She asked the group what was going on, they responded they were checking my pulse, Jo said, “Forget the pulse, quick, ring Triple 000”. I think my friends and Rob were in shock and hadn’t got round to doing that. Jo started CPR and did it for 7 minutes then Rob started and he kept going until the Defibrillator arrived from the Pro Shop, helped him tremendously, he needed a rest by that time. I believe Jo and Rob are my special heroes, couldn’t have survived without their hard work. Because I had collapsed on the golf course, holes 10 and 11 were closed for the time being.
My friends were so shocked to hear that it was me who had collapsed. The Ambulance, Fire Brigade and the Micra Van all turned up, thank you, so plenty of support. I was taken to Monash Medical Centre, induced coma for two days, 3 days ICU and 9 days total in hospital. No operation, so I was very lucky. I arrived home with a very sore chest area where the CPR had taken place, very fortunate not to have any cracked or broken ribs. Needed help to lie down and get up for the first few weeks.
Went to rehab for seven weeks which helped tremendously to start getting fit again and I was back playing golf in five months. On three tablets a day…I never had any warning signs on the day this happened… I can remember playing golf, cannot remember waking up from the Coma.. it took another 24 hours before I knew where I was.
I haven’t looked back…so much support from Rob, family and friends and now three years on… every day is a bonus!!!  Thank you.  Alison
Photo with my two daughters, Christmas 2020.