My name is Alison Oliver, I am now 76 years old. My SCAD happened on Sunday 11th March 2018 – age 72.

I was playing Golf with my husband and a couple of friends when I suddenly collapsed on the 11th hole and went straight  into Cardiac Arrest.  No warning signs of any kind. My husband and golfing friends were checking my pulse when a younger  member Jo, was driving out the driveway when she saw a group of people on the 11th fairway, she stopped her car and grabbed her phone and ran over, it was good she did as I think my husband and friends were in shock. Anyway, Jo rang triple 000 and shortly the Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Mica Man turned up. In the meantime Jo and Rob had started CPR on me, the Defribulator from the Pro Shop had arrived and put on me… Rob was told to push harder, and then to stand away… I was taken to Monash Medical and straight into ICU, put into an induced Coma for two days. I was woken on the following Tuesday, I do not remember that happening. Apparently my mental state had to be checked before the tubes could be removed, because I had a tube in my mouth I was handed a pen and paper, asked some questions and I had to write my answer down.. I do not remember this happening, I obviously answered correctly and the tubes were removed. I do not remember anything until the following day round noon when I was being taken from the ICU to the Heart Ward. I asked the nurse wheeling my bed “where am I, what is happening?” I stayed in hospital for 9 days.

I had pain in my chest where the CPR had taken place, so I had to be helped to ly down and get up. This continued at home for a few weeks until the pain had gone away. I went to Rehab five weeks later and I was back on the golf course 5 months later. I must say that I had such great help from my husband, crucial to have that help when straight home from Hospital. It certainly helped me recover more quickly.

Photo with my two daughters, Christmas 2020.