“My first SCAD happened late October 2019 while walking my dog.  As I am a chronic asthmatic and had a lot of issues with asthma at the time – I thought the pain I was having in my chest was caused by being on prednisolone for too long. Then on November 4 2019 I had my second SCAD which caused such severe pain – we called the ambulance and was told by paramedics I was having a heart attack. I was rushed to hospital with BP of 190/162 by Mica ambulance. Taken to ED where they did loads of tests and found my troponin levels were through the roof. I was taken up to the cardiac unit and then taken to the Cath lab where they found a 7cm tear in one of my main arteries.
I had 4 mths off work trying to recover.
Then in October 2020 I broke my left ankle while walking our dog on uneven ground. Three weeks later – I got excruciating pain in my back and right leg which we found out was my sciatic nerve.  Then on November 22 – I experienced pain in my chest and clammy hands and knee I was having another SCAD.  We called the ambulance again and was taken to hospital – more tests and found my troponin levels were elevated. Again I was admitted to the cardio unit and given an angiogram which showed a tear in another artery which was probably caused by the pain I experienced with the sciatic nerve. I was feeling very vulnerable when I was told I could not allow my body to have any severe pain in the future as the chances of causing another SCAD would be imminent.  My life has had to change a lot since these SCADs have happened.  These days I live a quiet life and try to not have stresses or anything else that could cause another SCAD.”