“In 2023, 2 days before my birthday, at the age of 41 I had a SCAD heart attack.

It was early morning, I had got up and was ready for work, had a coffee, and was sitting on the floor colouring in with my 5 year old as requested before I leave for work.

All of a sudden I developed this strange scratching pain in my throat. It was like no other sore throat I’d had before.

I sipped water, had a few neurofen and tried to shake it off.

Shortly after I have no other way of describing it but I ‘just didn’t fee right.’ So I walked into my bedroom where my husband was in bed and told him so!

He was instantly concerned, as by then, I had very short lived dull aches in both forearms and hands.

He proceeded to throw me in the car and break all laws by speeding to the nearest emergency department.

I had previously worked in our local ED, and so was met by my old co-workers whom were baffled by my strange presentation (they had afterward stated).

After a diagnosis and swift treatment there I was on the road in an ambulance to a bigger hospital, where I was further treated and stayed.

3 months on, I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for the quick thinking and action by my husband and medical team involved.

I’m now discovering I potentially have an autoimmune disease which “may or may not” have contributed to my SCAD. I have come to realise that its all very unknown (cause and the condition itself in society).

The toughest thing after having gone through is feeling isolated. I have a big wonderful and supportive family, but I’m relatively young, and this shouldn’t have happened to me…..that’s the feeling of isolation.

But I’m determined to make people aware and to make people think twice about feeling grateful for life, friends and family.” Belinda, aged 42  – Tasmania