Jeanene’s Story

“On Saturday morning 2nd June I dropped my brother’s kids to soccer and went home and started vacuuming at 9am. At about 9.20am all of a sudden I had what felt like pressure in my whole chest and left arm. I sat down for a minute and thought “this isn’t right”  so I jumped in the car and went to hospital (yes, I should have rung the ambulance). At the hospital told them I had a huge pain in my chest & the nurse didn’t hesitate, taking me straight in for an ECG.  The ECG showed something was wrong & within about half hour it showed I was having a heart attack. My troponin level was 64 which is high so the Dr rang Brisbane PA and they started me on medication which didn’t have an impact. The RFDS had been called and I was number 1 priority in the state. Plane arrived at 2.30  ish with an ICU Dr and Nurse from Lifeflight aboard. Arrived in Brisbane at 4pm. I was sick on descent and was taken by ambulance (lights and sirens blaring) to the PA.

In the cath lab they conducted a radial angiogram through my right wrist & found the SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection). I was treated with medication – blood thinners and blood pressure/beta blockers.”