Jen’s story (Gosford)

Jen had a SCAD Heart attack aged just 36 with an 11month old baby & a 3year old toddler, Jen had been suffering from horrible stress in the lead up to her SCAD as well as managing the daily demands of having two young children. Convinced to go to hospital by her husband. Jen said “With no family history of heart disease, no high blood pressure or any concerns to do with the heart, the diagnosis of a Heart Attack was a complete shock. The cardiologist said my husband saved my life by recognising the signs and rushing me to hospital. I was in hospital for 8 days & was discharged on my littlest’s 1st birthday. Unlike so many other mums that had suffered a fatal SCAD, my small boys still had their mum. I felt incredibly lucky, but was still in shock and it still hasn’t really sunk in. I am blessed to have an amazing support around me- my wonderful husband and sons, my parents & parents in law not to mention my extended family who rallied around and helped us get through this time.”

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