On the 13th March 2019 I was sitting on the couch having a cuppa with a friend one week after giving birth to our daughter. I started to feel unwell, hot, sweaty next minute chest pain and radiating pain down my left arm. My husband and I quickly jumped in the car with our 1 week old daughter and headed to the ED. We got straight in and during the examinations it was discovered that I was having a Heart Attack. They whizzed me to the Cath lab and I had one stent inserted. As a result of the heart attack I was left with 30% heart function and was officially diagnosed with heart failure. Many months of recovery and pleased that my heart has recovered to 60% Ef and I now have officially recovered from heart failure. Thankful to be alive and that the ED listened to me.

(This is a )photo of myself and my husband on our 14th wedding anniversary in January 2021.  I had just completed a walk that was impossible only a year earlier ❤