Kate’s Story

“It began with a headache which I’d had all week. During this week my daughter had her 16th birthday party, then preparations for her formal and my husband was away.

I felt a pain in my chest and left arm. I had felt a similar pain when I had a non stemi heart attack in 2009 but this time I took a Quikeze and Panadol with milk and it eased.

During the next 5 days I felt occasional tightness but didn’t have time to get it checked out.

On the Friday I saw my GP about my headache but she was more concerned with my chest discomfort, did an ECG which wasn’t conclusive and wanted to send me to the major hospital in an ambulance. I assured her I would get my son to take me, but waited until my daughter was off at her formal the next night and then as soon as I felt jaw pain called an ambulance and went to hospital.

I was diagnosed with a SCAD in a small posterior artery which caused the heart attack. My recovery has been good and I’ve been able to go back to work and light exercise but am cautious about taking in too much.

Since my second scad I’ve also discovered I’ve also had a retinal vein occlusion which they investigated further (in case it was linked to SCAD/FMD) with a CT scan with contrast of my head. This found I had possible FMD in my internal carotid arteries – it explained some weird sensations in my face and pain in my neck earlier last year”