“I am a 42 year old woman and I have been healthy all of my life. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with early menopause. I was treated with hormone patches and changed to a hormone pill that I had been taking up until I had my heart attack.
On the 17/1/20 it was an extremely hot Friday in far North Queensland , the day started with me feeling completely fine but by about lunch time the temperature had risen so I decided to have a lie down under a fan… after about an hour of resting I decided I should get up and have a shower as I had planned to meet up with a friend for afternoon cocktails.
I stood up as normal but I only manged to walk 10 paces… I suddenly felt an overwhelming burning sensation throughout my whole body. I immediately sat down and asked my uncle to fetch me a damp cloth in an attempt to cool down. I started to cough and vomited. Then felt a tightening of my chest and a tingling sensation down my left arm. Straight away I knew I needed to call 000…
The ambulance took 11 mins to arrive and during that time my uncle remained in contact with 000 operator. I was rushed to the emergency ward of the Tully hospital .Where within 20 mins of arriving I was told I was having a heart attack.
I was then transported to Cairns cardiac hospital and placed in to ICU for seven days where I was diagnosed with having a scad attack. I was released and ready to start my recovery.
For the first week I was exhausted and I was getting constant niggling pains in my chest and fast abnormal beating of my heart. After twelve days of my recovery I felt that same overwhelming hot sensation through my body and then I started to lose vision and felt a tightening in my chest. I calmly asked my uncle to get my nitro spray medication and took two sprays with no relief I called 000…..
The ambulance arrived and I was rushed back to Tully hospital. My cardiologist in Cairns was contacted and with in a few hours I was put on helicopter and taken back to Cairns cardiac ward. After 5 days back in ICU my second angiogram showed my heart was inflamed from the SCAD heart attack but the tear in my artery has slowly started to heal.
I am home recovering and now feel ready physically and mentally to start my rehabilitation, but due to covid 19 my cardio rehabilitation has been cancelled.”