My name is Kristy I’m 34, healthy, I was 6 days postpartum with my second child, my daughter when I suffered my heart attack.
On Friday 15th January I was tired and suffering bubble like pain in my right arm and shoulder pushing into in my chest after feeding my 6 day old. Breast feeding came easy so I wasn’t stressed at all, so after Remi’s 6:30pm feed I assumed I was over doing it after the c section and playing with my toddler or possibly had an infection or mastitis so I took 2 Panadol and went to bed.
The next morning I felt fine and continued about my day, 3pm that afternoon the shoulder and chest pain came back more intense, I called the midwife, and given the symptoms she suggested it may be mastitis and to pop into the medical centre and get some antibiotics. As it was a Saturday, no local medical centres were open we have made our way to the Hospital our daughter was born to see the GP there. I assumed I needed IV antibiotics.
Whilst on our way, the pain got too intense, so we diverted to Our local Hospital emergency and I walked in with the baby to keep feeding to get the Mastitis out.
An hour later, after a non-routine blood test that a very amazing doctor ran just as a precaution, it was revealed I had in fact had a heart attack.
After 1 week in the Cardiac Care Unit, constantly monitored, supported and re assured by the doctors and nurses I finally was discharged to be with my little family and begin life as the 4 of us.
I am so thankful for the doctors and nurses that saved my life, that gave me a second chance to see my babies grow and to be in the position to raise awareness of this condition