“It was Saturday, 25th March 2023, 8.30am, and I was just finishing up at the gym. My workout was good, I was feeling strong, I didn’t hit any PB but enjoyed the workout.
I was sitting on a bench about to pack up, thinking about the busy day of running my 12 year old daughter around from one sport to another, when I noticed an odd pain in my chest, it felt like someone was pressing hard on my heart, chest area. I wanted to walk to see if I could stretch it out, but I felt like I needed to get outside, to get fresh air, as I walked down the narrow corridor out to the main area, I noticed my left hand felt weak and my fingers felt numb.
I made it down the stairs out to the car park, I found my breathing wasn’t normal, I felt lightheaded and sweaty. I was at my car.  I felt a wave of nausea come over me, I vomited 3 times. I didn’t think I was OK.
I sat in the car with the door open. Do I drive home? Do I drive to the hospital? I started to think “I don’t think I can drive”.
I didn’t want to call for an ambulance and I didn’t want to be that person that wasted their time, or put someone else at risk, that might be in a life or death situation, by taking up the paramedics time. 
It was time to put on my big girl pants on and pull them up! And do it, put myself and health first. I picked up my phone and called 000.
Lachlan and Julia my paramedics were lovely. Lachlan said I did the right thing, calling them. He put it in perspective by saying, if I had of tried driving myself they could have been attending a whole different situation, possibly a lot worse.
They asked me all the normal questions, did all the necessary tests and handed me an aspirin and got me to hospital. Julia and Lachlan started to do the hand over. I started to have the pain in the chest come back, it was harder and lasted longer, I couldn’t move, found it hard to talk and breath normal, felt dizzy and sweaty. They wanted to get me hooked up to run an ECG and put a cannula in. I vomited again and was given something straight into the cannula to stop the vomiting, and they took some blood.
The doctor came over to share that the first blood test came back suggesting I’ve had a heart attack, he said we would like to do a second one just in case it’s a false positive. They did the second blood test which also came back with high sensitive levels of Troponin.
The doctor did a Coronary Angiogram that confirmed I had a SCAD Heart Attack. I was monitored in hospital for 4 days and have been resting at home, ever since.
I start cardiac rehab in a couple of days and see my cardiologist specialist next week. I’m on daily medication.
It’s been an emotional roller-coaster and at times I’ve felt like an emotional basket case, which I now know is normal (cardiac blues). I hope I can return to some sort of “normal” again soon without feeling anxious that it could happen again.
I’m normally a fit and healthy 47 years old Wife with 4 beautiful children.”