I didn’t have a clue I was having a heart attack!!!
On the 6th October 2019 I was doing a HIIT workout and as I lifted the weight above my head I felt like I had a stitch in my heart, I felt sick and light headed but after a few moments it passed. So I just thought it had something to do with drinking a coffee prior to exercise as I don’t normally do this.
All week I didn’t feel me and I couldn’t bring myself to exercise, on the 14th October 2019 I was organising my 3 children, my 6 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old for school/daycare and as I got the lunch boxes out of the fridge that same pain came back the stitch in my heart, this time it was a 100 times worse, I was sweating, I felt sick I literally thought I was going to die and that it was the last time I would see my children. My husband had just popped to the shops so it was just me and the kids. After about 15 minutes I felt better but knew something wasn’t right as I had a constant stabbing pain in my shoulder blades, and I felt as though I needed to burp but couldn’t. I dropped the kids at school/daycare and then I called the doctors and they had an appointment for 10.30am that morning.
I got there and I explained my symptoms she took my ECG and my heartbeat was a little out of rhythm but nothing to be alarmed at, but she didn’t want to send me home so she said I had to go straight to the ER as she didnt know what was wrong and she didn’t want me to go home.
I got to Gosford Hospital and they took me straight through and took my Bloods, my Troponin came back at 3,487 – I had had a heart attack, they did a scan on my Heart and all my arteries were fine nothing blocked – they couldn’t see why this had happened.
They said I would have to stay in overnight and have an angiogram the following morning – this confirmed that my LAD Artery had tore open and in turn formed a clot that led me to have a heart attack at the tender age of 37. I was prescribed Brilanta, Metoprolol, Aspirin and Isosorbide. I was on this medication for just over 6 months, I had a Heart scan and the CT Scan and my heart had repaired itself, my EF was back at 65%.
Due to my youngest being 1.5 years of age, my cardiologist believes that the contraceptive pill may have caused mine. I had the Depo shot after my daughter was born and was on this for a year, I didn’t feel me on this and I went back to my Doctor who then prescribed the Pill and my SCAD happened 3 months later. I no longer take the Pill or any Heart medication, I am back to exercising and walking like I was prior to my SCAD – I am sooo lucky that my stars were aligned that day as everything just lined up for me.