Yolande was a healthy 54 year old woman living on the Sunshine Coast and working part time as a zookeeper when she had a SCAD Heart Attack.

“In August this year my husband and I went on a skiing holiday to Mt Hotham with friends. We had a great week skiing and then I our final night I had a scad which lead to cardiac arrest. I was asleep in bed at the time and my husband was still out with friends. Within a few minutes of him arriving home while he was brushing his teeth he heard me make a terrible noise. I have no memory of this. He thought I was having a nightmare and tried to wake me but then realised I had no pulse and had stopped breathing. He immediately started CPR on me while yelling out to friends to come and help. They were asleep upstairs and did not hear him so he had to stop CPR and run up and get them. He recommenced CPR while they rang 000. The ambulance arrived around 20 minutes later. Is was in VF. When they did defib me I came back into normal rythmn straight away. More paramedics arrived and an emergency doctor and nurse. They were able to intubate me. I was taken to Dinner Plain airfield and flown to Melbourne by air ambulance. They woke me from the coma 2 days later. I have no memory of anything that happened. While in hospital they diagnosed me with a SCAD as no heart blockages were found. The cardiologists had a meeting about me and decided it would be best to implant a defib in me which happened a few days later.
I was discharged a few days after surgery and returned home to Queensland to very relieved children, family and friends.”